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Learn to Meal Prep like a pro!

Who is this for?

If you like to or want to eat healthy or you have a specific goal in mind (lose weight, have an event to get ready for, want to change your lifestyle) and you lack the time to stay consistent...then meal prep is definitely for you!

What You'll Get:
- Week One: Learn My 7-Step Meal Planning Process
- Weeks Two and Three: We'll do two different Meal Preps with recipes and shopping lists from me
- Week Four: Create your very own Meal Prep with help and guidance from me
- Access to me for questions and assistance with meal prep
- A closed Facebook group with other participants to help you stay on track, have a place to ask questions, and for me to provide instruction!


What people are saying:

"This program exceeded my expectations. I loved knowing you would write back on a post, comment or question at any time. I liked the guided menu the first two weeks and it was fun trying my own. I knew I could meal prep but didn't know how to get started. This program gave me that guidance." --Leah

"This is unlike any program that's currently out there. Not only did Sarah build an awesome and one-of-a-kind program, but she also went the extra steps to provide recipes, shopping lists, and tons of helpful guidance so you can learn meal prep and begin to make smart choices for you. You'll save time, money, and energy for sure and instead you'll have tons more time for things that matter to you while also dialing in on eating healthy and staying consistent." --Chris

"This course was extremely helpful and made meal prepping easy to understand and simple to execute. The daily tips and prep in the first week were useful to learn what tools you would need to be ready. I saved money and time and had yummy meals on hand that were quick to heat up on busy nights. I really enjoyed this course and Sarah did a great job with the lessons, tips, and live videos to keep us interacting! Thanks again Sarah!" --Casey

"Sarah's course on meal planning is extremely personable. She breaks things down to the basics and makes meal prep seam like a walk in the park. Her encouragement throughout the course is first rate." --Isaac

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