This Mother's Day Is Different

Every Mother’s Day I write my mom a really nice card and I use up all the space to tell her all the things I love and appreciate about her.

But this year I’m not writing her that card.

I’ve decided to do things a bit differently.

I’m currently in the process of transitioning away from my active duty Air Force career to pursue my dream of being a full-time entrepreneur (like my mom).

Taking the leap from a steady career to the complete unknown is incredibly scary, but I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about why I believe I’ll be successful. I’ve been thinking back on all the moments of successes that I’ve had in the past. This gives me the courage to keep going in spite of my fears.  

Much of the woman I am today is because of my mom. She’s taught me just about everything I know and I like to say that every good (and bad) quality I have is directly a result of being my mother’s daughter.

So in my reflection, it occurred to me that what I know for sure about life comes from my mother’s advice. And any help I’ve been able to offer to others in a time of need is the result of some bit of wisdom my mom has passed on to me.  

Those who know me well have heard my, “Mom always says…” advice.

And now this Mother’s Day and beyond I’m sharing all of it with you.

My mom and I recently sat down and gathered up all of her sayings and advice from over the years - the things she’s said to me over and over and to others along the way. There are more than 100 sayings on that list and if you could believe it, we’re still remembering new ones every day.

So in the coming months I’m going to be sharing my mom’s incredible advice to me…with you.

Be on the lookout for the #MyMomAlwaysSays posts each week on social media and right here at The first post will appear tomorrow, on Mother’s Day, at which point you’ll be able to read about the story behind how these sayings came to be and why I’m sharing them.

If you love these posts along the way, I’d be honored for you to “Like” them, comment about what the sayings mean to you or great life advice you’ve been given, and then share the posts with your friends, too!

I think you’ll find that no matter who you are, where you come from, or how young or old you are, much of my mom’s advice is applicable to family, friends, and more, and I think you’ll find that much of this advice will apply for you, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there who do only what you--a mom--can do. We love you, we appreciate you, and we celebrate you, today and always!

To my beautiful mother- thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the woman I dream of becoming. You’ve carried the weight of the world on your shoulders so that Dad, Josh, Jackie, Mitchell and I can have the incredible life we have today- and you’ve done it with grace and humility and made us all laugh hysterically along the way. Your life, your successes, and your struggles have changed my life and I’m so proud to be able to pass on all the wisdom you’ve given to me. Such is life, mom, huh? I love you. Shoulders up!