#MyMomAlwaysSays: "Don't listen to or consult 'The Committee...'"

#MyMomAlwaysSays: "Don't listen to or consult 'The Committee...'"

‘The Committee’ are the voices in your head.

You know the ones I’m talking about...those voices that tell you that you’re not enough, that play over and over again and make you doubt yourself, second guess a decision, make you stop before you even try.

Yeah- that committee. I always laugh when I envision this ‘Committee’ as a bunch of old grumpy dudes in suits sitting around a conference table barking at each other about all kinds of crazy things.

Who would want to listen to that? But unfortunately, we do it every day. We allow this inner critic to take over and to steer us away from the very things that would make us better, move us forward, help us grow, or change, or be better.

The example I hear most often with my clients is that they feel like they have no willpower or they can’t stick to a healthy living regimen or that they’ll never actually be able to lose the weight or fit in the pre-baby clothes or have the body they want.

All of that noise?

You guessed it...those grumpy old dudes.

Don’t allow ‘The Committee’ to take up rent and space inside your head.

Tell them to go have their meeting somewhere else so you can focus on becoming that person you told yourself you’d be.