#MyMomAlwaysSays: "Everything after BUT...is BULLSHIT."

#MyMomAlwaysSays: "Everything after BUT...is BULLSHIT."

“I want to run my own business...but,”

“I want to find the right partner...but,”

“I want to apply for this new job...but,”

“I want to move to a new city...but.”

I’m calling BULLSHIT on all of it!

What is it that YOU TRULY WANT?

What are your wildest dreams?

It’s ok if they’re big and scary and crazy and outrageous- the bigger the better!

We need people in this world who are FULLY ALIVE, ready to tackle their wildest dreams, who think that the seemingly impossible juuust miiight have a chance, and that anything is possible.

The world needs you to stop sabotaging yourself, to stop playing small, to stop shying away from owning your life, standing in your truth, and sharing your light.

All ‘buts’ aside (hehe), what do you really want? Today I pray that you find the strength to chase after it with everything you have.