#MyMomAlwaysSays: "If you have nothing nice to say..."

#MyMomAlwaysSays: "If you have nothing nice to say..."

This may just be the best lesson my mom has ever taught me.

Sometimes it’s best just not to say anything right away.

So if you have a fight with your significant other or with a family member or a friend or someone at work, rather than letting it turn into an all-out brawl and letting your emotions get the best of you and say things you don’t mean or might regret, let that person know you’re going to take some space to calm down and compose yourself and that you can talk about the issue later or tomorrow or after some time has passed.

Chris and I have practiced this in our relationship for years and it really does help.

You don’t have to wait the full 24 hours, the point here is to give yourself some space and time to cool off so that you can have a reasonable conversation rather than a screaming match.

Don’t thank me for this one...thank my mom!