#MyMomAlwaysSays: "My life is so good I feel like I'm cheating."

#MyMomAlwaysSays: "My life is so good I feel like I'm cheating."

This is my life motto.

I often wonder what I’ve done to deserve such an incredible life.

Is it because I’ve endured so many hardships?

Is it because of the way I was raised?

Is it because I’ve worked my butt off to get to this place in my life?

I like to think it’s a combination of a servant heart, hard work, and a pinch of luck, but gosh, life is so good.

That doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong on a sometimes daily basis, or that I don’t have sadness or heartbreak or disappointment in my life.

But I choose (key word is choose) to seek gratitude in every area of my life- for the good and the bad.

Do you want to feel like this, too?

Like life is so good you feel like there’s no way you didn’t somehow cheat the system?

Start with gratitude.

I didn’t always do this, but every morning and every evening I write down three things I’m grateful for.

This exercise is a game changer and has helped me to appreciate so much more of my life and the people in it.