#MyMomAlwaysSays: "When one door closes..."

#MyMomAlwaysSays: "When one door closes..."

This saying was told to her by a nun.

Truth bomb, right?

It’s not always as rainbows-and-sunshine as one chapter coming to an end and the next chapter beginning.

If you happen to be struggling in between a decision, a phase of life, or in the current place you find yourself, know first that it’s temporary, and second, pay attention to that “hell in the hallway.” What can you learn? How can you grow? Where can you make some shifts or changes so that when that next door opens you can confidently step right on through it?

Oh yeah, and one more thing- even if you find yourself in that hellish hallway, there’s no reason you can’t reach out and ask someone for help. It’s as easy as saying, “I’m really going through some stuff right now and I could really use someone who’ll just listen.”