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Photo by: Roohi Photography 

Photo by: Roohi Photography 

Sarah Bergstein is the author of her first book, "Such is Life: 29 Life Revelations from a 30-Year-Old Dreamer" and the founder of the blog Raise Them Up, an online personal development community for young women. 

Sarah is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Life Coach who works exclusively with young women to help them master their health so they can chase their dreams and become the women they're meant to be! 

With more than seven years in the fitness industry, Sarah has experience with dozens of forms of training to include:

  • strength and bodyweight training
  • bodybuilding
  • cardiovascular exercise
  • plyometric training
  • yoga and Pilates
  • speed and endurance training
  • group fitness
  • suspension training
  • cycling
  • corrective exercise and rehabilitation 

Sarah has coached athletes, weight loss clients, recovering disordered eating clients, and senior and youth clients. She’s most known for her customized and individually-tailored VIP Training program and her expertise in meal prep and teaching busy people how to prepare healthy meals to save time, money, energy, and stress. 

Additionally, Sarah is a Reserve U.S. Air Force officer and has served as a Public Affairs director for more than seven years in Guam, Delaware, Florida, and New York City. In her free time you can find her exploring and traveling with her boyfriend Chris, lounging with her rescue kittens, Dodger, Oliver, Melky, and Boonce, or doing any number of things from cooking to reading and writing to hanging out with girlfriends or exploring Philadelphia where she currently lives.


So now that we've got that formal bit out of the way, HELLO GIRLS and WELCOME to and thank you so much for visiting! I am Sarah Bergstein, the sole creator and voice behind the coaching and the content. This site is a culmination of many things- my passion for fitness, my obsession with healthy food, my goal to live a positive lifestyle, and my desire to help young women through online personal training, nutrition, and life coaching services.

I hope this site is a useful resource and tool for you to refer to now and then for practicing your own healthy lifestyle.

This site isn't just about food, or workouts, or the motivation to practice healthy living- it's all of the above--and more! I've found that by connecting these three areas of healthy living, I've become a stronger person both mentally and physically and I'm incredibly passionate about sharing everything I've learned with you! 

How did I get started on this journey? Well, as I've gained a following throughout the past several years from posting my own healthy living on social media, I began receiving a ton of encouragement, and even more questions. I knew early on that this is my calling, and that my next step was to pursue becoming a certified personal trainer.

We all know that striving for and practicing a healthy lifestyle can be both overwhelming and confusing. The overabundance of fad diets, misinformation and marketing scams polluting the fitness and nutrition industries today doesn't make it any easier. Stick with me and I'll always do my best to give you just the facts, and hopefully teach you a few things along the way, too.

The bottom line is this-- there are no absolutes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You really can have your cake and eat it, too... I just recommend you do it in moderation. ;) But onto my point: practice healthy habits daily by choosing healthy food options and exercising your body and mind, and indulge in moderation.

If you're searching for THE SECRET to looking and feeling your best, well, I just gave it to you. And with this information, there's so much potential to look and feel your best for the rest of your life!

Again, thank you so much for stopping by. Please take some time to explore the site, especially my coaching programs, my book, "Such is Life" and my latest project, the Raise Them Up blog! I also welcome recommendations for blog and content topics and will personally answer any and all questions asked. If I can't get you a good answer with regard to specifics, I stand on the shoulders of giants in the industry to help me bring you the factual information you deserve. I owe a big thanks to my mentors for paving the way.

Don't forget to connect with me on social media by using the social media buttons throughout the site. 

I'll leave you with my Life 101 philosophy:

Never give up. Never settle. Do what you love.

Yours in health and happiness,
Sarah Bergstein